About us

The travel industry is the wrong way round. That idea – all eight words of it – set us on our path to transform travel for the better.  

When you’re inside this industry you can see it clearly – all the layers that sit between travellers at one end, and local people in the destination at the other. All the inefficiencies, the bureaucracy, the half-baked tour ideas that don’t work. We wanted out of all that – the thinking was “let’s do something different and better, and have fun on the way”.

The future of travel

We had our first bookings more than ten years ago. Press attention came quickly – there was a hunger for new ideas. There was a similar hunger from all these amazing local tour operators around the world – with TravelLocal they could be themselves, use their own creativity and talk to their own customers. Suddenly they had a voice, and travellers liked what they had to say.

50,000 customers later, and we are going into our biggest ever period of growth. The next decade feels ripe for us – everyone is talking about sustainability, about contributing to local economies, about getting out into the world and seeing things differently, with a new spirit. 

Join us, and help build the future of travel.

What our team says about us:


Having recently joined as a DevOps engineer, I can confidently say it has been a positive experience. While it has been a busy time adjusting and settling in, the team has been incredibly supportive, making the transition smoother. The recruitment journey was rigorous, but it allowed for interesting conversations with the panel, showcasing their commitment to finding the right fit. I’m excited to be part of this company and look forward to contributing to its success.

Philip, Newcastle UK


I joined TravelLocal as I was wrapping up my Master’s degree. I needed a lot of accommodations in the beginning to make sure I could complete my degree successfully before joining the company full-time. During this time I couldn’t have felt more supported by TravelLocal which made my transition into the workforce infinitely less daunting than it can be fresh out of university. My manager empowered me to trust in my abilities and afforded me many opportunities to learn and grow despite my limited work experience. I recently started my miniMBA through TravelLocal and am grateful for the growth opportunity. As I’m coming up on my first anniversary with the company I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me at TravelLocal. 

Johanna, Berlin Germany

I’ve been part of the team since 2018, when I joined trip.me in a sales & account management role. It was an exciting three years, but when trip.me merged with TravelLocal in 2021, it opened up a whole new set of opportunities for me. TravelLocal was incredibly supportive in enabling me to pursue my Master’s degree in Business Psychology alongside my job. The company understood my desire to develop and shift my career path and offered me the flexibility and resources to make it happen. Since 2022, I have been part of the product team, which not only offers me plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development but is also incredibly fun.

Something I really appreciate about working at TravelLocal is the flexibility it offers. As someone who values a healthy work-life balance, being able to choose when and where I work has made a huge difference. In addition, I have the opportunity to work with and learn from great people from all over the world, which makes every day exciting and adds a new and diverse perspective to the work we do.

I’m glad to be part of this team and look forward to seeing what the future holds for us at TravelLocal.

Lena, Berlin Germany


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