Our Values

Guided by our Core Values, we strive to champion ownership, solve challenges creatively, focus on outcomes, strive for clarity, and connect and collaborate in all we do, at every level of our business.

Champion Ownership 

We have the confidence to take the initiative, make decisions, and be accountable for our own results, knowing we are empowered by supportive leadership.


Solve Challenges Creatively 

We ask questions with curiosity and reimagine solutions. By testing new approaches, we’re open to learning from mistakes as we continue to evolve.


Focus on Outcomes 

To achieve our ambitious goals, we have clear objectives, expectations and measurables. We value effectiveness as well as efficiency and take a pragmatic approach, weighing up the options with the big picture in mind.


Strive for Clarity 

Clear communication and transparency is key to everything we do. With the right information, we understand our contributions and can make better decisions. We are comfortable to ask and answer questions to create clarity.


Connect and Collaborate 

With a diverse range of backgrounds and strengths, we learn from each other by sharing knowledge and opinions. We avoid working in silos, know the right time to involve others and commit to a decision once it has been agreed.